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of state hillary clinton says the united states is doing everything it can and there is a peacekeeping force on the street bringing law and order. >> this is incredibly complex work. we have some of the best people in the world from the united states down there and we're just going to do everything we can to be helpful. >> reporter: the "uss carl vincent" was destroyed. more military aircraft, even marines are all headed to haiti today. the country's now-homeless president spoke with the outpouring of support. >> i know that the money of the people of the united states and i thank them for this gesture. >> reporter: last night president obama called former president george w. bush and asked him to participate in a humanitarian relief effort, alongside former president bill clinton. president bush said that he was ready to do whatever was necessary. it's similar to what his father did with clinton after the south asian tsunami. joe? >>> thanks, elaine. brand-new video coming in this morning o the fairfax county urban search and rescue team hard at work in haiti. one of the first jobs of
have pledged close to $1 billion in relief since in earthquake struck. the united states has pledged at least $130 million in aid. it also sent more than 11,000 military personnel and provided more than 90,000 pounds of aid and supplies. the u.s. is also running operations at that chaotic port-au-prince airport right now. >>> well, some of the medical relief the u.s. is providing is courtesy of the "usns," the united navy ship "comfort." it's essentially a giant hospital on water and it's on its way to haiti right now. "the comfort" is already starting to treat some of the victims from the earthquake. the ship is staffed with 900 doctors, nurses, and technicians who can treat as many as 1,000 patients at a time. stay right here with news 4 for continuing coverage of the crisis in haiti and log on to our website, nbcwashington.com for the latest coverage and we hope that you will be watching and responding. >>> looking outside right now, it's not bad out there. kind of nice, actually. some sunshine and not sure about the temperature. let's find out. let's go tour first forecast now to
4 midday," the united states sapresident says we will help the victims of the hatian earthquake in any way possible. >>> the latest lawmaker to weigh in on the legalization of gay marriages in the district. >>> i remember watching "the tonight show" with johnny carson and thinking, >>> right now on "news 4 midday," we're starting to see the devastation caused by yesterday's powerful earthquake in haiti. the magnitude 7.0 quake struck last evening. thousands of buildings in and around the capital city of port-au-prince have now collapsed. the death toll is expected to reach well into the thousands. and the international red cross says as many as 3 million people may be affected in some way by the quake. >>> this morning, the united states is rushing search and rescue teams and other aid to the country. just a short time ago, president obama spoke about the american plans to help. >> search and rescue teams from florida, virginia, and california will arrive throughout today and tomorrow. and more rescue and medical congresswomen and emergency personnel are being prepared. because
, we look forward. and we're going to elect martha coakley as our next united states senator. >> the democrats ought to be able to have a lousy candidate running a lousy campaign and still not worry about massachusetts. >> reporter: but they are worried that massachusetts' attorney martha coakley let her lead in the polls fizzle. >> there's a whole lot at stake on tuesday and you know that. >> reporter: the republican candidate, state senator scott brown, has actually compared himself to jfk on tax cuts and is trying to sway independents. >> we're working hard and we'll continue to work until january 19th at 8:01. >> reporter: brown has made his old truck a symbol in his campaign. >> i put a lot of miles on it during this campaign. wherever i go, people tell me they're concerned about the path our country is on. >> reporter: the truck got so much attention that president obama turned it around on brown. >> i would think long and hard about getting in that truck with martha's opponent. it may not take you where you want to go. and where we don't want to go right now is backwar
blamed the attack on an armed group against israel and the united states. >>> senate majority leader harry reid continues to draw fire. his comments about then-presidential candidate barack obama's race in the book "game change" are stirring up political trouble. this morning, president obama is laying in. brooke hart is on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: rushing to democrat harry reid's defense was president obama himself. >> there was nothing mean-spirited in what he had to say. >> reporter: the president was interviewed by roland martin of tv one for a special airing on martin luther king day. reid's taske on race and politis was topic "a." >> for him to have used some inartful language in trying to praise me and for people to try to make hay out of that makes absolutely no sense. >> reporter: republicans called it a judgment problem, by reid and all democrats. >> they exercised such extraordinary bad judgment, not just in what they've said, but in what they've done. >> reporter: in neva, reid seemed to admit the claim in the book "game change," that in '08, ameras caught emb
of the united states. >> the president told the nation last night that he knows americans have been unhappy and frustrated about the pace of chge since he was elected. he's now promising to get millions of people back to work by making job creation his number one policy. >> businesses are beginning to invest again and slowly some are starting to hire again. but i realize that for every success story there are other stories, of men and women who w wake up with therrange wish the not knowing where their next check is coming from. >> the president talked about offering a tax credit to families paying for college, bringing troops home from iraq and afghanistan and repeeling the military's "don't ask don't tell" policy. >>> the republican party responded to the president's speech through the voice of the new virginia governor bob mcdonnell. he said republicans were encouraged to hear that the president was making jobs a priority but he disagreed with him on the best way to go about that. >> we must enact policies that promote entrepreneurship and innovation so america can better compete with the
to coordinate aid forÑi the quake-struck country. secretary of state clinton will attend the united nations conference for the united states. the hatian government has buried now 150,000 people. but that number is expected to grow as more victims are discovered under the rubble. and it doesn't count people who were buried by relatives. the hatian government is encouraging port-au-prince's çó 600,000 homeless to leave the city for better living conditions elsewhere, but there is a shortage of tents for people. one government agency has 10,000 tents available, but estimates, they say, they will need at least 100,000. >> we are entering a phase now where we have to be able to sustain it. it takes an estimated 1 million rations a day in order to sustain it. >> at the meeting in montreal today, one of the major proposals on the table is forgiving haiti's $1 billion foreign debt. >>> members of a local church are welcoming home a survivor of haiti's devastating earthquake. their priest was caught right in the middle of the quake. father arzion jasmine led the hatian mass at sacred heart church
speech. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: to americans tomorrow night. this morning congress's budget arm comes out with what's expected to be more bad news on the deficit. even his allies acknowledge the president's spending freeze would only make a dent in it. in washington, brooke hart, nbc news. >> president obama will be giving the state of the union speech tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. you can watch it right here on nbc 4. >>> this morning, haiti's president is asking for massive donations of tents to help those left homeless after the earthquake. as many as 1 million people have been living on the streets of port-au-prince since that earthquake struck nearly two weeks ago now. right now, plans are under way to build a tent city outside the capital. also today, the u.n. is describing the city as generally secure in the wake of the tragedy. there has only been some isolated looting there. >>> john travolta is in haiti today, lending a hand to those earthquake victims. the actor flew his private jet to the country yesterday, carrying four tons of ready-to-eat military ra
for the united states will go before a federal judge this afternoon. coming up, the latest on the case against him and what the government isoing to try to strengthen airport security. >>> plus, airport delays. is today's weather causing backups on the runways? >>> and the latest on the ex >>> defense secretary robert gates will be staying on for at least another year. gates served in the bush cabinet, but quickly became an insider in the obama white house. the president took his advice on the afghanistan war buildup and the pentagon budget. the commitment means gates will be in place to manage the expansion of the afghanistan war through the summer. he also will look toward the first u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan planned for the summer of 2011. >>> the man accused of trying to blow up that northwest airlines plane headed for -- landing in detroit, goes before a federal judge this afternoon. investigators say that umar farouk abdulmutallab tried to ignite explosives that he had hidden in his clothing on christmas day. his court appearance comes just one day after president obama announced s
. >>> a new aircraft surveillance system in colorado is the first of its kind in the united states. this program is providing air traffic controllers with the ability to better track planes around mountain airports. leanne gregg has more on how the faa plans to use this new technology to replace traditional radar. >> 20, 24, 27. >> reporter: this is a training session at an faa facility that provides air traffic services for parts of nine states and all of colorado. a new tool in the arsenal to keep the skies safe in geographically difficult areas, like the mountains, is called wide area multilatration. >> it really does enhance efficiency by giving us eyes and being able to see in places that we've never been able to see before. >> reporter: existing radar can't track planes through mountains. the new system can. >> this is the rifle airport and here's the vfr aircraft at 8,200 feet. we wouldn't have seen that before on the old radar. >> reporter: 20 sensors have been placed around four airports in the rockies that serve hayden, steamboat springs, craig, and rifle, colorado. the s
korea says it's finally willing to reach a peace treaty with the united states. the north's foreign ministry announced this morning that if that country can reach a treaty with the u.s., it will resume international talks about ending its nuclear program. a treaty would officially end the korean war and end all sanctions against that country. u.s. officials, however, say that the communist regime must improve its, quote, appalling human rights record before any change takes place. >>> happening today, human rights activists are gathering outside the white house to protest the continued use of guantanamo bay. organizers of the group, witness against torture, are holding a demonstration at noon to demand that the president shut down the u.s. prison in cuba. e group also opposes holding prisoners without charge or trial in the united states. when president obama took office, he originally ordered the detention facility be shut down within one year. >>> in california today -- >> in california today, the federal trial could begin that could eventually determine whether same-sex couples i
is now blaming the united states and other countries for. >>> the new senator is a challenge for the president and apparently it has nothing to do with politics or policy. >>> the latest on shawn's >>> new today, athey have issue a new tape from osama bin laden. it says climate change could be stopped by bringing the wheels of the american economy to a halt. and the tape calls for a boycott of american goods and the u.s. dollar. >>> meantime, tony blair is defending his position to join the invasion of iraq. he is dodging charges that he made reports of iraqi weapons to make a case for the invasion. government investigation into britain into the 2003 invasion. >>> the white house is considering moving the terror trials from new york to another location. the justice department reportedly is looking for other places to try self-proclaimed bomber. they asked that the trials be moved out of theçó city. bloomberg said it would cost the city millions of dollars in security. republicans are also stepping up their efforts to prevent the trials from being held in new york. >>> now t
into the united states face the possibility of more aggressive security screenings. the tsa announced the new policy that went into effect at midnight. passengers flying in from 14 nations, mostly in the middle east and africa, will be patted down and have their luggage hand searched. former c and nsa chief, michael hayden, says it's time for ordinary americans to make some tough choices. >> what's the balance the american people want between their privacy and their security? >> so far today, there aren't many visible security changes at airports in europe. british and swiss officials are set to be still studying the new rules. >>> well, the u.s. and british embassies in yemen will remain closed for another day after threats of an al qaeda attack. the embassies were locked up yesterday after the new intelligence surfaced. white house officials are calling the threats, quote, active and ongoing. security has been beefed up around the embas and employees have all been evacuated. a u.s. security tm is expected to meet today to discuss when the american embassy will reopen. >>> security lines out
. >> and some of the most critically wounded are being brought to the united states for medical care. many are u.s. citizens, but doctors are increasingly seeing hatians who need treatment beyond what can be given at the makeshift hospitals in port-au-prince. barbara? >> incredible stories coming out of survival. and also, very upsetting ones about the death of so many people. thanks, megan. you can help commemorate the one-week anniversary of the devastating earthquake thimpb at the hatian gassy. that's on massachusetts avenue in northwest washington. they're holding a candlelight vigil there. it will start at 4:30. there will be a moment of silence at 4:53, the moment the quake struck. and you can find out how you can help the victims of the earthquake in haiti on our website at nbcwashington.com. you'll find a list of organizations that will be collecting donations. let's take a look outside right now. looks like we have a nice day shaping up. started off pretty chilly. tom kierein can tell us what to expect. >> a view of the white house. we have some sunshine breaking out. as we take a look
with catastrophic injuries, agony, and death, relief is here. united states naval ship "comfort" has pulled into port-au-prince. >> hopefully we'll have some stress relief for the people ashore. >> reporter: they are especially trained to respond to crises like these. "the comfort" is a 1,000-bed floating hospital, equipped to handle almost anything. >> we've seen just about most of the bones you can have broken. you name it, we can just about do it. >> reporter: since the doors opened on tuesday night, patients have flooded in, airlifted from the mainland. isaiah has a fractured arm and a lacerated scalp. like most of the people airlifted here, he received some basic first aid but is in need of real medical treatment. >> he felt the ground shake, and when he went to run, a wall started to -- the wall started to fall, so some of the cinder blocks fell on him. >> repter: while "the comfort" falls under the command othe navy, there's an unusual situation here. civilian doctors and nurses, if they have the right credentials, can come on board and volunteer their services. everyone on board has
. that said, it is hard for me to see what more the united states could make available, or how we could make it available faster. >> pledges of aid to haiti have almost totalled a billion. more than $500 million is coming from the nations that make up the european union. >>> space is being prepared at the u.s. facility at guantanamo bay in cuba should there be a sea born exodus of haitians. >>> some of the world's biggest stars are coming together to raise money for the earthquake victims. tomorrow night, hope for haiti, a telethon, is great opportunity for you to learn more about how to help the people of haiti. >>> there are startling allegations this morning at a tress teejous school here in the district. a teacher at sidwell friends has been fired and charged with child sexual abuse. until this year he taught seventh and oid graeighth grade studies. according to the "washington post" peterson was charged in two separate incidents involving a minor both in montgomery and queen ne's county. not clear if it is the same rick tim in both cases. >>> in other news, his sister, his brother-in-la
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